Punjab Polls 2022: Kejriwal promises free, better health services if AAP wins

Ludhiana (Punjab) [India], September 30 (ANI): Ahead of Punjab Assembly elections, Delhi Chief Minister and AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday promised free health services for all residents of the state if his party wins.    
Addressing a press conference in Ludhiana today, Kejriwal said, “I have come today to guarantee health services. Today, Punjab is in such a bad condition that there is absolutely no treatment in the primary health centres or community centres. There has been loot in private hospitals.” He further said, “It was the same situation in Delhi 7 years ago. We have changed the condition of government hospitals in Delhi. Today I am promising six guarantees for the people of Punjab.”    
Kejriwal said that every person in Punjab will be provided free and good treatment on the lines of a private hospital.    
He stated that all medicines, medical tests, treatment and operations will be free of cost in the state.    
Kejriwal added, “We have done this in Delhi, expensive medicines and injections are available free of cost. Medicines are not available in Punjab hospitals today. A medicine window system will get opened when our government is formed. All medicines will be available there,” he added.    
He further said that if someone has to undergo an operation costing Rs 10-20 lakhs, it will be available free of cost in government hospitals in Punjab.    
“if someone falls ill, then the people of Punjab will not have to worry about treatment,” said Kejriwal.    
He stated that a health card will be issued to every person in Punjab, which will contain complete information related to their health, adding that the entire health system will be computerized.    
“On the lines of Delhi, Pind clinics and Ward clinics will be opened in every district in Punjab, a total of 16 thousand such Mohalla clinics will be opened,” said Kejriwal.    
“All the old government hospitals will be repaired and new government hospitals will be constructed on a large scale,” he said.

He added, “There is a plan in Delhi that the government gives the full cost of the treatment of the person injured in the road accident. In Punjab also, our government will provide complete treatment to the injured in road accidents.”    
He further promised press clubs in all the small and big cities of Punjab for the convenience of journalists.    
Taking a swipe at the Congress over the ongoing political crisis in Punjab, Kejriwal said that there has been so much infighting in the party that the government in the state has disappeared.    
Kejriwal said, “Punjab had formed Congress govt with great hopes. But today they’ve made a mockery of govt. A dirty fight for power is going on. All their leaders want to become CM. There’s so much infighting that Govt has disappeared.”    
Alleging that there is corruption in other parties, Kejriwal said, “On the other hand, there is AAP where preparations are going on for the betterment of Punjab,” he said.    
Responding to a question on whether Navjot Singh Sidhu will join AAP, Kejriwal said, “It is a hypothetical question, if anything like that happens we will tell you first of all.”    
The Assembly elections in Punjab are scheduled to be held next year. (ANI)  

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